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Reviews And Testimonials

How do you get your sense of smell back after a virus such as Covid-19? Read reviews available from happy customers who used Essential Awakenings® Smell and Memory kits (comes with a neuroscience-developed guide) and what other happy customers have said about Scent Therapy Calm™ and Scent Therapy Hierarchy of Needs® WATER:

Essential Awakenings® Smell.Recall.Connect for Smell Training: 

"In November 2020 my 19 year old son contracted COVID and lost his sense of smell along with several other symptoms that lasted seven months. As a parent, it was frightening and discouraging to see my son suffer through "long-hauler" symptoms with no reduction over time.  I did not have the expertise, nor was there adequate data available for me to answer him when he asked "will I ever get better?" There were so many unknowns; it was a helpless feeling for him.  As a  high level competitive athlete he frequently thought that he would not be able to resume activities which exacerbated his anxiety.  The Essential Awakenings® product helped him get his sense of smell back and truly was a "game changer" for him and a MASSIVE relief for our entire family." - Richard P., Managing Partner, M&A, Boca Raton, FL

"Around early April (2020) I was really sick, my smell and taste was completely lost for 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure I was suffering from COVID during this time.  A few weeks later my taste and smell partially recovered, however, I still couldn't fully taste or smell. For several days, I researched solutions and I read about smell training and the benefits of it. So this was when I discovered The Scent Guru Group.  I immediately purchased the smell kit and started using it immediately once I received it.  Within 2 weeks I started to notice an improvement in smell and taste and consistently using smell training on a daily basis."  - Cody B., Boulder, CO

Essential Awakenings® For Alzheimer's Care, here is a video published on our YouTube channel from Jacqui Arnst of Florida:

Note that other videos are provided on my YouTube Channel under Ruth Sutcliffe and/or The Scent Guru Group


For MindScent® Smell.Discover.Connect:  

"MindScent® for Speech Therapy:  is a great for low and high functioning patients." - Angel de Ruvo, SLP. Staten Island, NY

"I've already used the different scents with one patient who is working on using new vocabulary with her eye gaze device.  It was great to navigate to her page that showed a bunch of different fruits and let her guess what she was smelling. She loves the smell of maple syrup!"  - Paula Van Houten, Ed. D CCC- SLP MGA Homecare, Richardson, TX 

(Note that Dr. Van Houten's photo and her patient are featured in many of my social media sites including my website)

 Scent Therapy Calm™:

...."has a complex, yet relaxing aroma that I can apply throughout the day.  I carry the fragrance bottle in my purse and use the rollerball to discreetly rub the fragrance onto my neck, wrists and under my nostrils. I also love the small ceramic piece! I've applied the oil to it and rubbed it with my fingers as the fragrance fills my personal space with the light, desirable smell. I've placed the piece into my lingerie drawer without the case and let my underclothes absorb the fragrance....Calm Essential Oil Perfume has added to my self-care and mindfulness routine in a  special way. Thank you for this unique experience! - Susan L., Retired Speech Pathologist and Audiologist, Quogue, NY

"Enjoying the Scent Therapy Calm™ in my studio--it's putting my mind in a great framework for a designer.  I create surroundings to inspire others through holistic design.  With Calm, I am able to immediately transform my personal intentions and emotions in my studio to an energy of calm while creating a design. That Calm is then passing through into the designs of spaces I am creating for my clients.  Love the Limoges diffuser that allows me to breath calm throughout the day.  Thanks The Scent Guru!" - Burns C., Interior Designer, Atlanta, GA

Scent Therapy-Hierarchy of Needs® WATER:

Both reviews are taken from Yotpo: 
"Every time I wear this, I get multiple compliments! It’s warm and distinctive, but not overpowering. The website and order process were incredibly easy and efficient. The package is lovely and high-quality. And so convenient to carry and use. Cheers !"
Shopper name: Carolyn T. Greenwich, CT
"This is long lasting and the scent does evoke the smell of water."
Shopper name: Sherry R., St. Louis, MO