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About Us

As a daughter who watched her mother pass away from dementia-related illness, and as a daughter-in-law helping care for her mother-in-law who suffers from Alzheimer's, I receive great joy witnessing others regain memories or regain interest in having conversations, especially seniors.  The sense of smell is kept deep inside the most ancient part of the brain and research has confirmed that smells can trigger a memory far back in time.

My motto, "Reaching to memories through the sense of smell" came to me when I was a volunteer at a Stamford, CT Memory Care facility giving my Essential Awakenings Smell Therapy sessions.  I realized my smelling sessions provided a vehicle for communication.  On that day, my collection of smells were chocolate, popcorn, and lilac.  Unexpectedly, some of the residents started conversing with each other, sharing memories of receiving and experiencing the joys of chocolate, while others started discussing how they loved lilacs and had a lilac bush in their gardens.

Over the past year, I have visited numerous Adult Day Care and Senior Citizen facilities and had hundreds of senior citizens attend my smelling sessions so that I could ensure the best possible design for my Smell and Memory Kits. The Essential Awakening Smell Therapy samples have been carefully developed and selected to help connect those who use them with memories from everyday life. The smells are meant to be administered by adults who want to engage in the "guessing" game with their parents, friends, or patients.  Clue cards and smelling strips are included within this kit to help guide you in the administration of the smells.  The smells are not "perfumes" and are not meant to be worn, but are safe when coming in contact with the skin.  If any irritation is experienced, please contact a medical professional immediately.  Finally, please keep the Smell and Memory Kit out of reach of children.

By using the Essential Awakenings Smell and Memory Kit, I hope that you experience a uniquely special engagement between you and your loved ones.



Ruth Sutcliffe

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