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About Us

I develop multi-sensory therapeutical kits and other scented products with the mission to improve and bring positive outcome to people's lives through scent.

In my 35 years as a fragrance designer, I have helped develop a wide range of fragranced products from Windex Blue to celebrity perfumes for Celine Dion, Beyonce and Katy Perry among many others.  After leaving the corporate environment, my objectives have been to help improve the quality of life for underserved populations such as those living with dementia, anosmia, autism, and other developmental disabilities through carefully and conscientiously-developed multi-sensory kits. My goal is to continue to expand my product selection and develop other products respecting and honoring the science that scent can provide to our mental wellbeing. 

2017:  Essential Awakenings® Smell & Memory Kits and activities were developed after my mother died of dementia in 2016. The purpose was to create a social activity to help stimulate the sense of smell through a fun, social activity that helps seniors to recall memories, elicit conversation and vehicle for storytelling. The kit is also now used for Smell Training for people with the lost sense of smell (anosmia).  Our customers are caregivers, Program Directors at assisted living communities, Occupational Therapists, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, senior centers and libraries.  A neuroscientist-developed Smell Training Guide is also available for its use in Smell Training for individuals.

2018-2019:  Once I realized Essential Awakenings® activities was a joyful social activity that facilitated storytelling and other forms of communication, I developed MindScent® Smell.Discover.Connect for Speech Therapists, educators and families as a tool to help people with speech communication and learning impairments. The MindScent® development occurred through experience and guidance of an Educational Director at an autism center in New York and methods for use were tested with Speech Pathologists in the summer of 2018. Our customers include Speech Language Pathologists, Behavioral Scientists, Guidance Counselors and Autism Centers.

November 2022:  Scent Therapy Calm, a 100% natural perfume oil becomes available in as a limited edition.  "Calm" has been formulated especially for The Scent Guru Group by a master perfumer and expert on the holistic Ayurvedic practice.   

All sensory kits include distinctive scent prompts (grass, chocolate, etc.,) and packaged in easy-to-hold, rollerballs (no spraying or spilling!), clue and/or fact cards with paper smelling strips. For other product details, go the this section's "Product and Other Information". All kits are manufactured in the USA, and we ship worldwide.

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NOTE: My sensory kits are created for therapeutical and educational use and are not meant to be in the hands of children under the age of 6 years of age. The scents are to be used as prompts but are safe for the skin. If any irritation is experienced, please contact a medical professional immediately.