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Scent Diffuser For Mid-Size Spaces

Scent your space with Scent Therapy Calm™ from this sleek modern nebulizer re-chargable diffuser.  Comes in white, and diffuses scent for spaces 300 square ft. - 500 square ft.

This diffuser comes with 1/2 oz. Scent Therapy Calm™ oil formulated for this diffuser, and will last several weeks depending on how often you use it per day. An extra amber bottle is included for you to fill with your own favorite oil formulated specifically for this type of diffuser.

Coming Soon:  Scent Therapy-Hierarchy of Needs® Water will also be available in these amber bottles (purchased separately) so you can layer your world with this exciting new fresh, breezy and clean scent from The Scent Guru Group.

There are 3 timed settings, and easy-to-follow instructions are inside the box.