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An Innovative Product For Re-Awakening Memories

The award-winning Essential Awakenings Smell and Memory Kits have been carefully developed to help those with Alzheimer's and dementia re-connect with memories from everyday life and with their loved ones and caregivers.

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The Premier Smell and Memory Kit

Company founder Ruth Sutcliffe

A Smelling Session At River House Adult Care Center

Ruth Sutcliffe Conducting a Smelling Session at The Greens At Greenwich

Watch our Smelling session at river house adult day center

Smelling Session at River House Adult Care Center

Thank you to River House Adult Day Center, located in Cos Cob, CT for inviting me to share the Essential Awakenings Smell Therapy Session with their clientele.

Smelling Session at River House

Smelling Session at River House Adult Day Care Center

Ruth Sutcliffe of The Scent Guru Group named semi finalist in national SBA Contest, InnovateHER

Beauty of Nature

Smell is such an important part of us as human beings. In the deepest, most ancient part of our brains, lies our olfactive memory, where scent connections have been stored throughout our lives, often without us being aware that they are there until they are recalled.


"Ruth has enhanced the lives of our residents with her smelling sessions. The scents have helped them to remember special times in their lives and to discuss it in a group. It is a truly therapeutic and relaxing hour. I am grateful for Ruth's program.” 

Elanit Linder, Elder Care Professional and ReM(i) Culture CEO, Stamford, CT

"Morningside of Springdale wanted to take the time to thank you for such a wonderful event.  So many of the residents were reminded of times gone by with the smells you presented.  I very much enjoyed the opportunity you offered our area with you amazing skills.  Please come visit anytime and bring your smell goods for memories.” 

Jeanie Melear, Lifestyle 360 Director, Morningside of Springdale, AR

Essential Awakenings with Ruth is a fun and important experience for residents at any facility. The scents that Ruth creates elicit memories for our residents, and inspire socialization through conversation about what scents appeal to which people... I am honored to incorporate Essential Awakenings into our programming; it adds so much to the sensory experience we hope to offer those in their last stage of life. 

Beth Liebowitz, Program Director & Dance Therapist, The Greens At Greenwich, CT