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Essential Awakenings® For Memory Care and Smell Training

"Our sense of smell is directly involved in higher levels of thinking and has pronounced effects on cognition, memory and spatial orientation. Most fundamentally, our sense of smell gives us a sense of our self, our feeling of connectedness with others and is a central component to the overall quality of life." - Dr. Rachel Herz, Neuroscientist, Author, and faculty member of Brown University and Boston College and developer of The Scent Guru Group's Smell Training Guide for anosmia.


Smelling Session at River House Adult Care Center

Thank you to River House Adult Day Center, located in Cos Cob, CT for inviting me to share the Essential Awakenings® Smell Therapy Session with their clientele! Their favorite smell prompts have been the smell of apples (baking apple pies, picking apples with their family in the fall).



"Hi Ruth, Thanks for reaching out, roughly 3 months ago I fully lost taste and smell. My smell and taste slightly improved a week later but weeks later I didn’t see much of an improvement. Since I have been doing smell training it has helped me out a LOT. I can now almost taste normally but my smell isn’t fully there yet, I am hopeful that I will fully regain my senses soon though. But overall I really feel the smell training has helped me out. Thanks again for reaching out. You can use my statement as proof that smell training really does help. I also recommend a few other people to purchase your smell kit. Thank you very much, I was worried that I would forever lose my senses but after utilizing the smell training it has helped me a lot." 

Cody B, Denver CO

"I bought the Essential Awakenings® Kit as a Christmas gift for my grandfather with Alzheimer's.  It ended up being a gift for the whole family! The scents are very distinguishable and the conversation cards that came with the kit helped us to guide the discussion.  Thank you Ruth for going above and beyond making sure that I had the gift in time for Christmas!  It was true joy!" 

Jacqui A., NYC

Essential Awakenings® with Ruth is a fun and important experience for residents at any facility. The scents that Ruth creates elicit memories for our residents, and inspire socialization through conversation about what scents appeal to which people... I am honored to incorporate Essential Awakenings into our programming; it adds so much to the sensory experience we hope to offer those in their last stage of life. 

Beth Liebowitz, Program Director & Dance Therapist, The Greens At Greenwich, CT

"I use this kit to help me pause, reflect and to help strengthen my sense of smell. To get to the point of smelling five out of six scents, it has taken me a little over five weeks.  Never knew how much I took my sense of smell for granted. I hope this kit helps you and helps you bond further with your family." 

Rosanel Rosario, Aneurysm Survivor, New York City

"Ruth has enhanced the lives of our residents with her smelling sessions. The scents have helped them to remember special times in their lives and to discuss it in a group. It is a truly therapeutic and relaxing hour. I am grateful for Ruth's program.” 

Elanit Linder, Elder Care Professional and ReM(i) Culture CEO, Stamford, CT

"Morningside of Springdale wanted to take the time to thank you for such a wonderful event.  So many of the residents were reminded of times gone by with the smells you presented.  I very much enjoyed the opportunity you offered our area with you amazing skills.  Please come visit anytime and bring your smell goods for memories.” 

Jeanie Melear, Lifestyle 360 Director, Morningside of Springdale, AR

Our elders living in our home have enjoyed the smell and memory kits.  It has been a great way to interact with them and reminisce about what these smells mean to them.  I really appreciate your time with us in May. Thanks again!

Gretchen Houchin, Director of Community Development, Nazareth Home, Louisville, KY

Jacqui’s Video Testimonial. Click Here

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