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Smell Training Guide by Neuroscientist, Dr. Rachel Herz is Free Upon Request With Purchase of a Smell and Memory Kit

World renowned Neuroscientist Dr. Rachel Herz developed the Smell Training Guide specifically for The Scent Guru Group in 2020 upon my request after reading many articles about the lost sense of smell from COVID-19. (This is a condition called anosmia).

Although Essential Awakenings® was developed for memory care, it has also been used by hospitals, OTs (sensory stimulation during coma therapy and head trauma). Some people who have had aneurysms (See my 2018 video of Rosie on my YouTube Channel who survived 4 aneurysms and used EA to recover her sense of smell).

The guide is available upon request with a purchase of any EA kit, or as an individual item for purchase for $5.00 and the guide will be sent to you either by USPS mail, or via email attachment.