Essential Awakenings® Customized Kit
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Essential Awakenings® Customized Kit

Essential Awakenings® Customized Kit

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Make your own combination:  Select any 6 Essential Smells© from the list given and I’ll pack them up for you.
Each customized kit will include:
  • Your 6 Essential Smells© in an easy to hold, roller-ball applicator, so there’s no spraying or spilling involved
  • 6 corresponding clue cards to be used if playing a guessing game
  • 1 Packet of 100 Smelling Strips, used for applying all the Essential Smells©
$89.95 includes FREE Shipping in the Continental United States
The Essential Smells© are formulated with fragrance ingredients and some essential oils by professional perfumers. 
- The non-alcohol formulations are safe for the skin (better than scratch n sniff!)
- Every component in my kits have been Made in the USA