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Essential Awakenings® Smell.Recall.Connect Activity Kit, 2nd Edition. Made In The USA

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Essential Awakenings® Smell and Memory Kits have been designed for families, caregivers and program directors to engage seniors living with dementia and Alzheimer's in a brain-stimulating activity that encourages socialization, conversation, storytelling and the recall of memories through the sense of smell. 


6 X 0.7 fl. oz. Essential Smells© include: Apple, Lilac, Vanilla, Lavender, Pine, and Popcorn. 1 packet of 100 paper blotter strips for application, 6 preservation sleeves + 6 corresponding Clue Cards to use as a guide or for playing a "guessing game." Each 0.7 FL oz. lasts more than 1000 1/2” swipes.

The Essential Smells© do not contain alcohol, and are safe when coming into contact with the skin.  This product contains small parts (caps, etc.,) and should be kept out of the hands of children under the age of 8. Shipping is free within the continental United States and abroad at USPS calculated rates.


  1. Select a smell of your choice to start.
  2. Roll the first smell onto the pointed tip of the paper blotter strip.
  3. Give your loved one or group audience the scented paper blotter strip.
  4. Ask them to smell and try to describe what they smell (any adjective or descriptor that comes to the top of their mind).  Example:  Is it sweet, sour, fresh, clean?  Is it a flower? A fruit?
  5. Give them clues to help them guess (using clue cards as a tool, or verbalize your own).
  6. If no descriptor comes to mind, reveal what the smell is, and see if you can open a discussion.  In a group setting, it  may take one or two tries to get everyone to open up.
  7. Repeat with remaining scents.

For Storytelling:  You can also choose to tell stories using the smell prompts as a sensory aid to your storytelling. For example:  “At Easter time, my family always had an Easter Egg hunt, and whoever found the most eggs would win a chocolate bunny (show chocolate), then, we’d play football out on the lawn (show grass), and as soon as spring came along a bit more, we’d be able to smell the lilac in the air...”