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The Smells of Summer

Summer is my favorite time of the year due to the plethora of scents that fill the air. At this moment, I'm sitting by a pool, and someone in one of the nearby apartments is starting a grill, so the aroma of charcoal is wafting my way, and I sit back thinking about what they're going to put on that grill.  Will it be barbecue spareribs, chicken, or steak?  The thought of barbecuing makes me yearn for southern BBQ spareribs, and I'll definitely make certain I don't leave Arkansas before stopping by the downtown Bentonville restaurant, Tusk & Trotter to order their delicious ribs.  So what else makes summer smells so special?  Well first, it has to start with the wonderful smell of flowers that start to bloom in gardens, like the rich and regal aroma roses of various colors of red, yellow, white and orange that my husband has nurtured for years in our garden back in Connecticut, and the subtle hint of pink peonies, and crisp lavender that we have added just recently to add even more color to the landscape.  And what about the beach?  The smell of salty ocean air, suntan lotion, and beer.  And let's not forget the smells of freshly mown hay and grass!  Here in Arkansas, the mowing of hay is complete, but its scent still fills the air when passing by the farms.  And it's World Cup time, so I can imagine the smell of the grass as players make contact with the earth and crisp green grass as they conquer the playing field. Isn't scent wonderful how it fills our lives with pleasure and great memories?

We often take the sense of smell for granted, and even if you can imagine smells when looking at visual prompts, it's important to stay in touch with nature and appreciate all the smells it has gifted us.  Enjoy your summer, and when you go outside, try and pay attention to the various odors around you whether they are good or bad.  I am sure there will be some scent that will bring a smile to your face!   

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