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The Sense Of Smell And Memory: Fresh Baked Bread

Many are aware of what is called the "Proustian-moment" from Marcel Proust's "Remembrance of Things Past" recalling a moment in time through the sense of smell at tea time. There are other authors who have given us vivid descriptions of smell that allow the reader to escape to an imaginary place.  Here is an example written by Willa Cather describing one of my favorite smells that takes me back to the farm, and into the kitchen after my mother baked bread:

"Everywhere the grain stood ripe and the hot afternoon was full of the smell of the ripe wheat, like the smell of bread baking in an oven. The breath of the wheat and the sweet clover passed him like pleasant things in a dream.” 
― Willa CatherO Pioneers!

Freshly baked bread is considered one of the most alluring smells, and I don't know any country in the world that does not include it in their daily meal.  It's no wonder that there is a saying "you have to break bread" with someone who you want to get to know.  For me,  bread is home and togetherness. 

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