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April 30, 2018 2 min read

I'm thankful that I have good health and energy because April was full of events that required me to run non stop.  I had also just come back from my road trip out to the midwest where, along the way, I stopped in Louisville to meet with Sheri Rose and her wonderful staff at the Thrive Center, Inc. If you happen to go to this lovely city, call ahead for an appointment and see what's on display (my Essential Awakenings™ Smell and Memory Kits, for example)! The Thrive Center is a new concept space that showcases products and innovations for senior living and generally, most of us hope to be able to live a long thriving life as seniors, so think about your future!

Now it's the end of April and I reflect on my accomplishments that  started with meeting a customer who bought the Premier Edition of Essential Awakenings™ for her grandfather who has Alzheimer's.  She told me that the family enjoyed sitting together during the holidays telling stories to their grandfather using the Essential Smells© as prompts and that the clue cards helped facilitate the conversation.  Customer feedback is invaluable, as it helps re-affirm that I've created a quality product serving a great purpose:  Memory recall through the sense of smell; family togetherness and storytelling. Here's just a little snippet of what happened throughout April that I've also placed on my Facebook page for The Scent Guru Group:

1) Essential Awakenings™ exhibited at American Occupational Therapy Association - AOTA2018 in Salt Lake City (It was a great experience meeting OT professionals and presenting my product to them in a conference area. Kudos to these professionals who do great work to help others!
2) It is my goal to give a smelling session when I go on trips, so I gave an Essential Awakenings™ session at The Wentworth at Parklane (Salt Lake City) where 5 lovely women enjoyed the smells of mint, chocolate and lilac!
3) A Filming and interview for an Italian website at River House. I can't wait to see the outcome of this video and to spread the awareness of The Scent Guru Group's raison d'être in Europe.
4) Exhibiting at Greenwich Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase. My audience was larger than expected, and I hope that the exhibit will also bring more awareness to the importance of my kits.
5) I gave my first Essential Awakenings™ smelling and training session for Bridges by EPOCH at Norwalk. What a joy to add another client to my growing list of memory care communities!
6) I joined a growing list of individuals as a "Dementia Friend" here in Greenwich, CT. Thank you to Lori Contadino, Director of Greenwich Commission on Aging for starting this important initiative in our town.
7) Interview with an author for her upcoming book to be published soon on "Giving Back".
8) Was featured in Lesley Jane Seymour's Covey Club newsletter
9) Invited to 1490 WGCH to talk with Osborn Home Care's Michelle Thomas (thanks go to Laurie Canning Pensiero!)

May will be another big month of activities so please follow me on Facebook, and visit my website often for more news!  

So what's on the schedule for May? More about that by the end of the week!🌿

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