The Scent Guru Group To Give Smell and Memory Sessions on #TheLongestD – Essential Awakenings
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The Scent Guru Group To Give Smell and Memory Sessions on #TheLongestDay

Tomorrow is considered The Longest Day by the Alzheimer's Association, and I will be giving two Essential Awakenings Smell and Memory sessions to help raise awareness for the disease as well as promote the benefits that my kits can have on our aging population who live with dementia and Alzheimer's.  My first stop will be at Atria in Stamford where I held my first ever Essential Awakenings Smell Therapy session on September 27th, 2016. That session started what I would describe as one of the best paths in my life that I have chosen to follow. Since September, I have held more than 10 sessions at Atria, have gotten to know the residents well, and I feel an enormous amount of joy knowing that they love my sessions for not only the smelling aspect, but for the conversations that can follow.  

One story I love sharing with others is of the session when I finally convinced a man (I will call him Jim) to join the group.  Up until that day, Jim only wanted to sit in his wheelchair outside the circle to watch. Over the course of time, I noticed how he slowly moved his wheelchair to just outside the circle. Finally one day I convinced him to become part of our circle, and when smelling chocolate, he stated, "I want to date a woman who wears this."  He then continued to tell me that he used to date a celebrity.  I asked him "who?" He responded, "Barbara Hershey".  Gullible me asked, "And what fragrance did she wear?" He responded, "chocolate!"  It's moments such as this that captures the true personality, humor, and human aspect of the people who I work with. From that day whenever I smell chocolate, I smile and think of that special moment when Jim's true personality came out.  

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  • Ruth, my mother is at Atria in Darien. Can we arrange a visit there? She would love it. And, her name is Ruth too!

    Carol Cheswick

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