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Hello 2021: Smell Training, Homeschooling and Mindfulness

Hello 2021:  Smell Training, Homeschooling  and Mindfulness

Because of COVID-19, the world has learned more about the sense of smell and its importance to emotional wellbeing. As Dr. Rachel Herz states in The Scent Guru Group’s Smell Training Guide,  “most fundamentally, our sense of smell gives us a sense of our self, our feel of connectedness with others, and is a central component to the overall quality of our life.”

Happiness Is Helping Others

Happiness Is Helping Others

This is happiness:  "I lost my sense of smell and taste when I had COVID in March. Several months later, I was surprised to still not be able to smell and taste. The world seems a bit flat and uninteresting without those two senses. Luckily, I contacted Ruth and she sent me her wonderful smelling kit. The variety of scents and the easy use of the applicators motivated me to use the kit fairly regularly. A doctor explained it to me like this: When you injure your leg, you do physical therapy to regain your strength and agility. This is like physical therapy for your sense of smell. Both taste and smell have improved greatly with the use of the oils, but taste is definitely in the lead. I've still got a ways to go until I fully recover, but this lovely kit has speeded up the process for sure. Many thanks to Ruth and The Scent Guru Group!"
- Cristina Y., L.C.S.W. Connecticut