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March 14, 2018 3 min read

I am so excited about road trips because it gives me a chance to see parts of the country that I don't usually get to see.  I have driven 4 states today:  From my home state of Connecticut, through parts of New York, New Jersey and all the way through Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh.  I had my CD deck with old rock and roll biggies such as The Who, Neil Young and the mellow Cat Stevens.  Peter Gabriel's double CD took me through most of the state of Pennsylvania and I really loved hearing his big hit "Sledgehammer" again! When I take my road trips, I make several rules for myself:  Drink plenty of water so I HAVE to stop, and do not drive after dark.  I went from sunny 40 degrees in Connecticut to lower than 25 degrees and snowfall when traveling through the mountains of Pennsylvania.  My keen sense of smell caught the odors of everything from frying oil, pizza, and soap at the rest stop to the smell of animal manure while traveling through the Pennsylvania farm land.  

I arrived in Pittsburgh just in time to take in some fantastic pop art at the Andy Warhol Museum 45 minutes before they closed, and then found my hotel.  Art first! Now settling down for the night, I'm anticipating a good day of travel tomorrow as I head for Louisville, KY.   I passed through Louisville on my last road trip to the midwest, but did not have a chance to discover enough of what this city has to offer.  Most know Louisville for The Kentucky Derby and the Slugger Museum, but I think I'll go to The Muhammad Ali Center and pay tribute to this great human being.  I will then find a restaurant downtown to feast on some spareribs rubbed with good ole Kentucky bourbon!  

Most people do not know that Louisville is also the 29th largest city in the US and appears to be a new center for healthcare that includes The Thrive Center, where I have an appointment on Friday with the CEO to present the Essential Awakenings ™ Smell and Memory Kits.  I am so excited about this appointment, and will tell you all about it in a few days.  

Here is some information I found on the internet about the center:  

The Thrive Center Inc. is a nonprofit 501©3 technology innovation, and educational center designed to enhance the quality of life for those aged 50+.  Located in the heart of NULU in downtown Louisville, KY, the center occupies 7,500 square foot space that features innovative technology, specialized programming to enhance elder wellness and a series of educational programs for the community.

 Through its innovative products, dynamic programming for elders and clinical assessment tools, the Thrive Center is poised for global impact as a cutting-edge innovation facility to promote healthy aging.

Aging well is the ultimate goal! Creative solutions to everyday problems are solved with innovative technology and collaborative partnerships, which benefit all. The 50+ market has a significant impact on the global economy.

According to AARP, one hundred and six million people, aged 50 or older account for $7.1 trillion in economic activity, $3.1 trillion in consumer spending and $1.3 trillion in healthcare spending. Thrive is the logical connecting point where entrepreneurs can offer feasible solutions in a challenging market.

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