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Autumn: My Favorite Time of Year

I love fall for all of its splendor:  For its smells, its beauty and the transistion of the temperatures from the dry, hot summer to cool and rainy days that cause the leaves on the trees start to turn red, yellow, orange and purple.  We then witness the leaves floating in the air as they fall to the ground and gather in heaps, and slowly, the scent of damp leaves begin to waft in the air as the fermentation process begins.  Fall brings comfort food, apple-picking, pumpkin patches, football games, and marathons. It also brings two very important holidays:  Thanksgiving and Veterans Day.  It is the time for reflection and thanks to those who we love, and those who serve our country.  It’s important to be mindful and kind to each other, and grateful for what we have in our lives, as there are so many around the world who are much less fortunate.  Have a great fall everyone. Be safe, be thankful, and don’t forget to be aware of all wonderful aromas that are indicative of autumn.

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