Just Published: A Celeb Scent Designer Brings Smell Therapy To Dementi – The Scent Guru Group

Just Published: A Celeb Scent Designer Brings Smell Therapy To Dementia Care - Being Patient

I am hoping a bit of the luck of the Irish in my bloodline will allow me to go back to Assisted Living Communities for Memory Care and start giving Essential Awakenings® Smell & Memory Sessions again!  

A link (below) to yesterday's article in being patient (a newsletter dedicated to the latest news on Alzheimer's disease and brain health) was based on an interview 2 weeks ago includes a video from February 2020 that brings back fond memories of the seniors who attended the Essential Awakenings® sessions. The article includes a personal statement about how I felt leaving these sessions and how I felt like I had been to my own therapy, because I realized how happy they were, and that they were sharing their own personal stories with each other. 

Here is the article from Deborah Kan's newsletter, being patient


For those of you who have elderly parents living with dementia, Alzheimer's or have diminished sense of smell, you may want to experience the Essential Awakenings® Sensory Kits for some Scent Therapy--whether it's for your memory care residents, for individual smell training, as a unique fun family guessing game (clue cards included), or even as prompts to help guide storytelling to your children, grandchildren or students. If you choose to purchase a kit, please write to me and I will give you a private code to use for a 20% discount.

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