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Essential Awakenings®️Memories of Jasmine

                Do you have a scent memory you’d like to share?

The Scent Guru Group’s mission is to enhance lives through the sense of smell:  For or Smell Training to help regain the sense of smell due to anosmia, memory recall for people living with dementia, or simply a fun multi-sensory family guessing game.

I was fortunate to have spent the month of July in France where roses were in full bloom and the scent of jasmine filled the cool evening air.  Jasmine is known as one of the most sensuous smells on earth (there is consumer research on this) and so many popular perfumes on the shelves contain this luscious, rich, sweet essential oil that is often described as intense and hypnotic. It is for this fact, that I have included the smell of jasmine in the first edition of the Essential Awakenings® Smell and Memory Kit because it would most likely trigger memories of vacations in exotic places like the South Pacific, India, or Provence. Women have been purchasing perfumes containing jasmine for decades, but the history of the use of jasmine can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times and is considered the perfume of love. In aromatherapy, jasmine is considered to be soothing, so you might wonder how jasmine can be known as perfume for love and soothing at the same time. Perhaps it's because love IS soothing to the soul?

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