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Essential Awakenings® And MindScent® Sensory Kits Are Perfect For Holiday Giving

The holiday shopping season is here, and I'll be showcasing MindScent® and Essential Awakenings® sensory tool kits at this week's Women's Business Development Council's Pop Up Shop in Stamford, Connecticut.  It's the first pop up for the WBDC, a non-profit organization specifically supporting women's-owned businesses. I became aware of the WBDC shortly after leaving my corporate job in New York in 2014 and decided to start my own business.  At that point, had no idea how to give an elevator pitch or write a business plan, so I attended a seminar on how to write a business plan and entered my own for the Essential Awakenings® Smell & Memory Kits in the InnovateHer2017 competition.  It was almost surreal when I received the award from the Stamford chapter, but alas, I did not make it to the nationwide finals.

Even though I've developed MindScent® and Essential Awakenings® for Speech, Occupational and Recreational Therapists, families can also benefit and have fun playing smell and tell, or guessing games. MindScent® also includes fact cards great for learning.  For instance, did you know that the Providence, RI metro area has been cited as having the most donut shops per capita with 25.3 shops per 100,000 people? And that it takes almost 3 years for a single pineapple to reach maturation?  

I am a nostalgic person, and recall playing cards or board games during holiday time with my siblings and parents.  Chess, Checkers, Monopoly and Stratego were favorites in my household and all of us had great fun whether we won or lost.  Now it seems that many of us have become couch potatoes or device addicts and slowly loosing the human necessity of "togetherness" and socialization. Both Essential Awakenings® and MindScent® can be formidable vehicles to engage the rest of the family in storytelling while using the smell prompts as a sensory guide, or for challenging each other in an unique activity of "what's that smell?"

The holidays are for family, and for giving.  Why not give something for the entire family to benefit from and enjoy?

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