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Be Mindful, Be Thankful: The Beauty and Smell of Spring

It's the first day of Spring, and I'm so happy to be in Northwest Arkansas with family, and not in Connecticut where they are having (one would hope) their last snowfall of the year! As my previous blog revealed, I am on a road trip and was exhilarated when I captured the first sight of lush green grass as I entered the state of Kentucky.  I opened the windows of my car to breathe the fresh crisp clean air, and the thrill of spring grew as I spotted the bright yellow forsythia alongside the road -- almost as if they were saying "welcome to Kentucky".  Spring....oh beautiful spring that brings bright flowers and wonderful smells to our lives after harsh winters where the best smells come from food and fireplaces!  Once in Arkansas, I spotted beautiful white tree blossoms that have a soft subtle hint of sweetness --ethereal and heavenly like their fluffy white flowers.  The next flowers I'll surely catch sight of will be daffodils, tulips, hyacinth and all the other various tree blossoms that help lift our hearts and souls to feel renewed inside and out. Throughout my life, I have been mindful of the importance of nature's beauty and smells and take time to enjoy and worship them. I am blessed.

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