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An Innovative Niche Brand

I have a niche brand, but it's not perfume. It's a true innovation: The first smell and memory kit dedicated to enriching the lives of our elderly citizens through the sense of smell.  After volunteering for more than a year at Senior Centers, I developed the Essential Awakenings Smell and Memory Kits to help families and caregivers engage the seniors in conversation and the recall of memories through what I call "essential smells":  The smells of Apples (apple picking in the autumn) Cinnamon (baking cakes and cookies from scratch), Lilac (the garden back home), Popcorn (think about the wonderful pastime of watching movies together) and others were carefully selected for the kits.  Through smelling and engagement with my audience, I have had the thrill to hear and watch my audience excited to talk about moments in their lives, and express their gratitude to me on how smelling can be so much fun! For that, I am thankful that I can help make lives brighter through my innovation. Through my year of product development, I have made what really makes me proud. And it's all Made in the USA!

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