The Scent Guru Group's 2021 Update Plus Our 2022 Corporate Sustainabil

The Scent Guru Group's 2021 Update Plus Our 2022 Corporate Sustainability Platform

What a year it's been! In retrospect, this year has been surprisingly successful despite the conditions we're all living in during this on-going pandemic: Below is a link to my Linkedin post from December 16th, and if you are there, let's connect because I often post short articles about scent and updates for MindScent® and Essential Awakenings®.  For example, this coming this week--will begin a series of posts about creatives who have inspired me, and what they are inspired by for their own work. The posts will include a Master Perfumer from Venice, a Parisian-based package designer, excerpts from a 2015 interview with famed Elton John lyricist Bernie Taupin, who is now quite the prolific multi-media painter, a writer (fiction and vegetarian cookbooks) and a woman who I met at this year's Art Basel who builds motorcycles as art, often using musical instruments for its accessories and features.  

The 12/16 post below is about Dr. Van Houten, an SLP who uses MindScent® with her patients who have either autism, or in this case, a teen with cerebral palsy:

Other Updates:

1) I have continued to sell Essential Awakenings® with Dr. Herz Smell Training Guide for people who have anosmia due to COVID-19 or other illnesses. 

2) Essential Awakenings® has made its way into a sensory activities program at one of the largest senior living communities for memory care. 

3) MindScent® is expanding into schools, universities, autism centers, private practice speech therapists, assisted living communities and even public libraries. They also seem to be a big hit in Australia!

4) MindScent® is being used for various conditions I did not even think about when I developed it:  Several parents are using the scents for food desensitization, while others are using it for parosmia, an abnormality in the sense of smell.

5) I was an exhibitor at this years ASHA Convention in Washington, DC and although attendance was a bit lower this year (vs.pre-pandemic (2019), I received a wealth of feedback and follow up purchases from speech therapists nationwide.

6) I have joined the Museum Store Marketplace as a vendor so stores across the USA have an opportunity to view and purchase MindScent® for their gift shops. 

What are my goals for 2022?  I have developed a Corporate Sustainability Platform for which I will donate a multi-sensory kit in each state across the USA with focus on school districts located in impoverished communities.  If you have a school district in mind, please feel free to contact me as the research to identify a school will be quite intensive for this one lady to handle!   

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy 2022!



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