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10 Facts About Mindscent® Smell.Discover.Connect Activity Kit

Here are 10 facts you need to know about Mindscent® a new innovative Smell.Discover.Connect Activity Kit for Educators, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Families:

1)  Mindscent® is multi-sensory tool kit that was developed to help people with learning and speech communication impairments such as autism.

2)  Tested with Speech Pathologists.

3)  Each kit contains 20 aromas, 20 fact cards, 20 visual cards, and 2 packs of 100 paper blotter strips for application purposes

4)  The Scent Guru Group hires non-profit organizations who provide services and support for individuals with special needs to assemble and pack out Mindscent®.  In CT:  Ability Beyond & Abilis.  In AR:  Richardson Industries. 

5)  Mindscent® is developed to be appropriate for ages 3 and up.

6)  The formulas: The distinctive aromas are formulated by a family-owned global fragrance and flavor manufacturer and all formulas have undergone all required regulatory checks. There is no alcohol in any of the formulas and are safe for the skin.

7)  The aromas are packaged in an easy to hold rollerball applicator, so there is no spraying needed.  

8)  Each 0.5 ml. roller ball will last more than 1000 1/2" swipes on the paper blotter sticks that are included in the kits.

9)  There are multiple ways families and professionals can use Mindscent®. The kit include methods for use written by a Speech Pathologist.

10) 100% Made In The USA

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